Introduction of treatment equipment

We respond to various needs by practicing the Five Stiles combination technique theory justified the latest treatment equipment.

Air massager

A machine to remove fatigue and swelling of the legs by pressure in the compressor.

6-channel 4-pole interference wave therapy equipment

6 channels = is allowed to simultaneously interfere four electrodes can be electrically treatment of six sites by giving a stimulus to the muscles of the deep therapy machine for removing the pain.

High-frequency therapy equipment(High Voltage)

You can remove the pain by using a higher frequency of high frequency, to be used for rehabilitation of cerebral infarction paralysis.

Ultrasonic therapy(Ultra Sound)

And it is measured alleviation of pain by applying ultrasonic waves to the affected area, the treatment machine that performs massaging without damaging the bone.

It can also be treated with the combination of a high-frequency therapy equipment.

Far-infrared therapy equipment

Treatment machine to warm the affected area to alleviate pain.

Body composition analysis measuring device

Body fat, by promoting the site-specific muscle mass, where know whether bad measuring device。

Low-frequency therapy equipment

By using the low frequency relieve pain in superficial muscle machine.

Cairo table

Bed for chiropractic, by using in such as the patient's low back pain, the table to cure such as mild herniated disc disease.


By giving a shock by shifting the skeleton in the machine for chiropractic, return the distortion to the original machine.

Electro-acupuncture for pulse

Machine for the treatment by flowing a current to the affected part connecting the electrode to the acupuncture that is piercing.

Paraffin bus

Relieve pain in the joints by repeating to put their hands in the melts are paraffin (wax).

In addition, we have been introduced recently in such there is also a moisturizing effect of hand Este.