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Medico Kurohime acupuncture clinic will be the fifth year from the hospital opening the Shinanomachi clinic.

Treatment policy of the underlying will be as "evidence", "FiveStylesCombinationTechnique".

This clinic is, and conduct the treatment in cooperation with health care workers, which was observed in the country, such as a doctor or care manager.

So, based on National Health Insurance of the management of consent doctor depending on the disease, the late elderly health, to apply such compulsory automobile liability insurance due to traffic accident.


The "evidence", in the sense that the scientific evidence, in the absence of effect, it does not make "acupuncture" and "moxibustion". In recent years, ○○ therapy, ○○ treatment, such as therapy that description does not stick has overflowed, do not do such treatment.


The "FiveStylesCombinationTechnique", "clarity to patients, treatment methods visible," it is thought of our hospital is a thing of.

In our hospital, to some extent, patients will be able to determine the treatment content while watching such as interview and physical examination.

While taking the patient and communication will provide treatment that meets the patients in it.

Five we have named "FiveStylesCombinationTechnique" from place to treatment using procedures (patients gave me named).

You do not get rid of, you do not know, please come in once our hospital If you have any.


Please contact us If you have this kind of symptom.

Neck, head symptoms of paralysis of headache tinnitus dizziness tired eyes jaw pain face

Shoulder, arm, back symptoms stiff neck frozen shoulder sprained neck numbness of pain hand of languor back of arm whiplash of neck stiffness

Waist, symptoms of foot tired of back pain sprain joint pain neuralgia foot edema foot

Symptoms of internal medicine anorexia stomach pain stomach leaning constipation diarrhea the belly

Other symptoms of stress insomnia palpitations Diabetes arthritis autonomic imbalance

Because other than the above surgery is also possible, please confirm by phone.

For reservations

Hospital is "appointment".

And viewing multiple patients at the same time, be treated, it is not.

Since the day of reception is also possible, please confirm.

Booking through your phone 026-255-5680 

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