Treatment guidance

"Why Without treatment, it is a crime."
Do not you have received treatment and is but remains are? Basic treatment of our hospital, you alone, politely your alone, I do treatment tailored to the patient.

In the "Medico Kurohime clinic", patients and one-to-one has become the basis for treatment (there might be assistant enters).

By appointment only

And viewing multiple patients at the same time, be treated, it is not.

It is tedious, but I am allowed to take the [reservation].

Treatment of flow

① interviewThere are or details cormorant history and medical condition based on the questionnaire that had you fill out in advance.

② exercise testIn order to determine the symptoms and disease, physical examination, neurological examination, to check the status of the whole body.

③ treatment Description And please explain the cause of the symptoms and disease, and will propose the best method of treatment.
I will detail you also describes these costs.

④ treatmentMake Once we receive sufficient understanding treat to your description and content.

⑤ treatment fee settlementCheckout, you can take your reservation for the next your visit.

Interview, you might not be able to treatment in such inspection

Osteopathic Council, manipulative Council, orthopedic clinic, chiropractic, during treatment in such quick massage, or, the pain of the affected area immediately after the treatment, there is a possibility that such compression fractures and some nerve damage has occurred.

In our hospital, we recommend that you get seen in the doctor.

Price list

First visit fee ¥2,000
Acupuncture and moxibustion therapy ¥1,000~(Small sites)
House calls Actual cost
Business trip Actual cost

Those who canceled the day, I am sorry I will occur cancellation fee of actual cost.